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    With high performance compression clothing, it is very important to get the right fit to receive the most optimal benefits. At PRS, we provide you with a guide on how our products should fit and feel on your body. 


    What should PRS compression feel like when worn?

    Know that PRS is true compression equipment - it's meant to feel tighter than your average "compression" garment. Although PRS compression is more powerful than what you might be accustomed to, our products should still be comfortable and nonrestrictive. Once you first put on your compression wear, it may feel tight at first. Within a few minutes, your body will adapt to the power of PRS compression.

    Similarly, compression shirts should be put on starting with the sleeves on your wrist. Work the fabric up to your forearms toward your shoulders, finishing with bringing the midsection down your torso.  

    How do you put on compression clothing?

    Performance compression clothing needs to be put on correctly to prolong the life and maximize the performance of the garment. Tights should be gently adjusted from the ankle area, working your way up to the calf area. Continue working the garment to your thighs all the way up to your waist. You may find that the bottom of the tights sit just above your ankle.

    What if your size lands on a borderline?

    If you find that you size falls on a borderline, we would generally have customers choose the smaller size. Sizing down when you are a borderline size is also true if you are looking to benefit from the recovery aspect of our products. Sizing up would be recommended if you are looking to benefit more from the performance and flexibility aspect of our products.


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