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    PRS engineers their fabric with the latest technology. Our goal is to enhance athlete performance, recovery, and strength, by providing them with our specialized fabrics.

    PERform+ KNIT

    Featuring powerful graduated compression, UPF 50+, Antibacterial, and specialized knit structure, our PERform+ Knit fabric is the material we use for our signature performance garments. The 360 degree knit structure allows for flexibility and unimpeded range of motion needed for high intensity training. The PERform+ Knit fabric applies a specific amount of graduated compression in target areas of your body. This engineering allows for improved circulation and prevents lactic build up, which results in increased performance, recovery, and strength.


    Our Nano Support fabric was designed to support regions of the calf, arch, and ankle areas. Specialized knit structures in key areas of these muscle groups are essential for any activity requiring extensive usage of the lower extremities. The Nano Support fabric also features an outstanding ability of moisture and odor control due to it's unmatched knit structure and antibacterial properties.