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    What is PRS Graduated Compression and how does it benefit me?

    PRS Graduated Compression is compression applied in specific levels along each garment. The varying levels of compression increases the rate of circulation, which boosts your performance and recovery. Additionally, our graduated compression reduces the buildup of lactic acid and the onset of muscle soreness after a high intensity workout.


    Why Choose PRS Compression?

    Our team tirelessly researched compression clothing and the benefits that athletes can capture from it. We work closely with athletes, coaches, and individuals in the medical field, to develop the best compression garments an athlete can have. We make sure to source our fabrics from one of the top performance fabric producers in the world. These differences make PRS compression one of the top choices for athletes who want some of the best performing equipment.


    Aren't all compression garments the same?

    No. Even though compression garments seems like similar fabric, the source of the fabric can make all the difference in the final product. Our secret is in the engineered knit structure of the fabrics used. Our fabric panels are laser cut to precision so that the fit is perfect every time. PRS chose a knit structure that provides the most optimal amount of compression so that the garments not only perform extremely well, but they are comfortable and nonrestrictive.


    Can PRS Compression be used for medical conditions?

     Absolutely! The improved circulation and oxygenation from compression can assist in relieving medical conditions that you may have. For example, the effects of compression can relieve conditions such as varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, leg swelling, lymphoedema, issues with circulation, or for individuals who fatigue easily or spend a lot of time on their feet.


    What season is PRS compression meant to be worn in?

    PRS compression can be worn in all weather. Our compression regulates the circulation and blood flow of your body. In addition, they feature moisture wicking and antibacterial properties to keep you dry in all circumstances. This feature will make you feel comfortable in most weather conditions.

    During the cooler weather, it is suggested to use our PERform+ compression tights and PERform+ compression long sleeve shirt. During warm weather, we suggest using our PERform+ compression shorts and PERform+compression short sleeve shirt.


    Do PRS products come with any warranty?

    Yes! We are proud of our one year warranty, which allows you to exchange any product within 12 months from the original purchase date due to defects in stitching and logo printing. Please go to our warranty page for complete details.