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    All of our products are backed by a one year warranty. By Following this guide, you will prolong the life of your item.


    What wash settings should I use?

    It is recommended to wash your garments in low heat on the delicate settings with no softener added. You should also use a detergent that is gentle. Elastane fibers may break down faster if a harsh wash cycle or detergent is used.

    Only naturally air dry your garments out of direct sunlight after a wash cycle. Never dry-clean PRS garments as dry-cleaning chemicals may damage the fabrics.


    How long will PRS garments last?

    Our products carry a one year warranty however, if great care is used in the washing, the life of your product can greatly be extended. 


    Do you have any additional care tips?

    Our products have care tips on the packaging as well as on labels attached to the garment. Please refer to those or contact our customer care team.